Flint Hills Heart, Vascular and Vein Clinic
Raymond Dattilo, M.D., F.A.C.C.
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Manhattan, Kansas

Main Waiting Room


Angiographic Suite

 Post Op Area

Exam Room

Wound Care Waiting Room

Wound Care waiting room


Wound Op Room

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

 Dr. Dattilo on the podium at Complex Cardiovascular Therapeutics Conference

Dr. Dattilo on the podium at Amputation Prevention Symposium

Dr. Dattilo entering the foot artery with the aid of ultrasound

Dr. Dattilo entering the popliteal artery behind the knee with ultrasound guidance

Foot with poor circulation, ulcer and early gangrene of the 4th toe

Blocked artery behind knee

      After atherectomy




No blood flow in foot

Blood flow after treatment


After radiofrequency vein ablation and ambulatory phlebectomy